Operators from the Cambrian Onwards (Detail), 2019. Photo credit: Öykü Canlı



Gulsah Mursaloglu is an artist currently based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Gulsah Mursaloglu tosses out the understood function of her materials as a way to push the limits of their abilities. She believes that ordinary objects from our daily lives can expand beyond the scope of what they were made for and become larger in scale and presence. For her, small objects of our everyday lives like toothpaste, sunflower seeds, and hair rollers hold the potential to assert their own monumentality and transform the order and architecture of space.

Mursaloglu's experiments with functionality also touch on the ways that a material's characteristics can reference memory. Her toothpaste columns are soft, vibrant and the smell is hard to escape in the beginning. Over time, the pieces of the columns become rock-hard and the color and familiar minty smell vanishes. The fade and transformation of the materials can be seen as a metaphor for the constant shifts of memory and how its vividness disappears over time, leaving semi-recognizable shells of what they once were.

Tempestt Hazel